Aone33 is an online gaming platform operator that holds a legal business license of the Malta Gaming Authority and it’s protected and restricted by relevant laws. Before logging in to use the services, please read the following carefully and confirm that the use of platform services complies with the laws and regulations of the country and place of residence. We do not take any responsibility for any violation of local regulations by users. Once the user login to the platform, it is deemed to have fully accepted all the regulations of the platform.

Use of Competitor Brands: You agree not to use or display any competitor brand or image while using our services. This includes any brand or image that is associated with our competitors or could be construed as an affiliation with any competitor brands. We reserve the right to investigate and suspend your account if you are found to be in breach of this condition.

False Advertising: You agree not to engage in any activity that could be construed as false advertising, including but not limited to making any claims or statements about our services that are untrue, misleading, or inaccurate. We reserve the right to investigate and suspend your account if you are found to be in breach of this condition.

Transaction Agreement

In order to avoid disputes when betting on this website, members must read the rules set by this platform before entering the website. Once the customer enters this website with “I agree” to place a bet, it is deemed to have accepted this entertainment All agreements and rules of the platform.

Please modify your login password and fund password regularly. Members are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of their accounts and login information. Any online betting made with member account and password will be considered valid. Please change the password from time to time. If the account password is stolen, the platform will not be liable for compensation.

Betting related terms:If online betting is not successfully submitted, the bet will be considered invalid.

When the player is automatically or forcibly disconnected during the draw and there is no result, it will not affect the result of the draw settlement.

If there is no prize draw on the official website or the result of the draw is wrong, the platform will refund the prize or purchase according to the actual situation;

In the event of irresistible disasters, hacker intrusions, or network problems causing data loss, the announcement on this platform is final.

This platform will record all electronic transactions. If there is any dispute, this platform will take the betting record as the standard.

If it is discovered by this platform that a member has made bets by improper methods (using software) or any betting that is harmful to the interests of the platform by individual or group betting in any abnormal manner, the platform reserves the right to cancel such bets and Bonus generated by betting and deactivate the member account. Regardless of whether the agent or the member discovers the vulnerability and does not report it, uses the vulnerability to maliciously win money, cheats through illegal means, or spreads rumors and slanders, those who attack the platform will unconditionally freeze their account after verification by the platform, and all account money will not be returned.

If this platform finds that a member has repeatedly applied for an account, it reserves the right to cancel and withdraw all the member’s preferential bonuses, as well as the profit generated by the preferential bonus. Each player, each address, each email address, each phone number, the same payment card/credit card number, and the shared computer environment (for example Internet cafes, other public computers, etc.) can only have one member account, and various offers Only applicable to each customer’s unique account on this platform.

In order to prevent malicious money laundering, users must consume 100% of the deposit in the platform before they can withdraw (excluding activities), otherwise the request will not be accepted.

The platform customer service does not have any QQ or other contact information. The only way to contact our online customer service is to click on the menu bar. Any other contact information is fake, and we do not take responsibility for any loss of money thru fake or nonofficial customer service.

All deposit bank/G-Cash accounts on the platform are changed from time to time. Please be sure to open the deposit interface to get the latest receiving account details before recharging. Any loss caused by the wrong recharge will not be responsible by the platform.

We will ask the player to provide supporting documents when necessary to verify the player’s identity. Upon receiving relevant notifications, players must complete the review process before they can receive bonuses or withdrawals. If the player does not provide the required documents, he agrees to automatically give up the entire account balance.

Liability Statement

Users must be at least 18 years old to use the platform services, please do not indulge in the game.

Any operation performed after logging in with the account and password on this platform is regarded as a valid operation. Users are responsible for protecting their accounts, passwords and other personal privacy information. If the user’s personal data is improperly protected and the account is stolen (such as the Trojan horse virus, etc.), the user should immediately notify the platform to freeze the account, modify the data, and terminate the loss; the financial and property losses that have been caused by user negligence are not liable to the platform.

This platform uses “web-based online customer service” as the only way to provide users with instant consultation services. This platform does not guarantee the authenticity of services that users obtain from other means and does not assume any responsibility for this.

This platform recommends that users perform important operations such as personal password modification, betting, recharge, and withdrawal on the platform. The platform will not entrust others (any individual or group) to perform the above operations on behalf of the user. Any loss caused by the user through the operation of others, this platform does not assume responsibility.

The mailbox bound by the user on this platform must be true and valid; once the mailbox is bound, it cannot be modified. The platform does not assume any responsibility for losses caused by personal error binding.

The platform reserves the right to revise and update these terms and platform game rules from time to time. The revised and updated terms and game rules will take effect when they are announced. After the above-mentioned revisions and updates are announced, when the user continues to use the platform services, it is deemed that the user agrees and accepts the revision and update of the platform terms and game rules.

This platform reserves the right to interpret and correct other unexplained matters or disputes.

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